Kira Annalee Whitaker was born and raised in Pasadena, California.  She has always had an aptitude for music and started singing when she was five years old.  When she was younger, she sang in a church choir and performed in various school musicals.  When she was ten years old she started taking singing lessons at the South Pasadena Conservatory of music.  The following year she picked up the guitar and took lessons with a local guitar teacher, Michael Campagna.  It was then that she began creating her own music and fell in love with songwriting, “Songwriting is a way for me to figure out everything that’s going on in my head.  It helps me channel all the emotion and tension in my life into a musical creation and it’s liberating” (Whitaker).  She briefly joined a band when she was thirteen performing rock and blues covers, as well as co-writing originals with the other band members.


   Kira attended Renaissance Arts Academy in Los Angeles for middle school and high school where she took music theory classes and music history.  She joined choir for six years and later started her own Women’s A Capella group at her school. Kira has performed with her school choir at Disney Hall, the Hollywood bowl, the Shrine Auditorium, and other venues.  She began performing her original music solo at the age of fourteen and has been playing ever since.  Some of her inspirations include Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Sara Bareilles, Jazmine Sullivan, and Charlie Puth.


   After high school graduation, Kira moved to Illinois to attend Columbia College Chicago for music.  She is currently in the contemporary, urban, and popular music program pursuing a bachelors in music.  In May of 2017 she released the EP “Lounge” with Aditya Kamath.  She co-wrote the music and lyrics with Aditya and was featured on all three songs. This past May she released a single and EP with her band The Alchemists where she is featured on all songs and was the sole writer for the song “Pride”. On August 3rd of this year she released her first original solo single “Glow” with producer Tuffy Campbell. This year she is studying abroad in Germany at PopAkademie in Mannheim.  She has written a lot of new material and is planning on releasing a solo EP  in 2019.